Van Horne – Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 9 parents, Principal Morgan, Vice Principal Weatherall, Ms. Stewardson


  1. Approve September 2015 Meeting Minutes
  2. School Update
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. PAC Webpage
  5. Shop Funds
  6. November 24th PAC Meeting

(Guest Speaker at next PAC meeting: Catherine Evashuk – Continuing the Discussion of ABC’s of Sex Education)

 Motion: The PAC membership approves the September 28th, 2015 meeting minutes

*Amended item #6 on page 2 to include October meeting date and to note that there would not be a guest speaker at the October PAC.

Motion to Amend                           Approved: Susan                             Seconded: Shera

Approved: Caroline                         Seconded: Susan                            All Approved

 Meeting start 7:10pm


  1. Presentation by Ms. Stewardson, Division 3, Grade 6/7

    • STEAM Vs. STEM Education – Science Technology ART Math (vs. Science Technology Education Math)
    • STEAM Education at VSB: at secondary school level there is a number of programs
    • STEAM programs are not offered at the Elementary level
    • Would be a great advantage ‘specialized’ stream – choice program – STEAM / Robotics Program at Van Horne could bring students with specialized interests
    • Pilot program with Colorado Consortium, training through NASA
    • Having students explore the inner workings of machinery – fundamental skills for careers in engineering, chemistry, etc.
    • Helping students to understand how things work and why things are working that way
    • Logical reasoning skills are needed to program a computer
    • Coding skills are purposeful when students build / program robots
    • Start a club in addition to using in classroom
    • Student presented on personal experience with VEX Robotics Programming, Logic and Robotics – built troubleshooting as well
    • – BC-wide competitive aspects of robotics


The Future of STEAM at Van Horne

  • STEAM eMissions with Colorado Challenge Centre
  • After school Coding Dojo
  • Robotics in class and robotics clubs
  • Destination Imagination competitions
  • UBC outreach programs – Let’s Talk Science challenge
  • Samsung Solve for Tomorrow


  • Asking PAC for financial support to move forward
  • Important to engage entire school behind a new project
  • Shop funds upcoming – Approximately $2000.00-$2500.00 fundraising
  • Currently 6 Robots (on loan), seeking funds for 10 robots – approximately $400.00 each
    • $4000.00 cost in total for the 10 robots
  • Club could have an entry fee ($25.00)
  • Seeing this as a 5 year project at the school
  • Would attract more students to Van Horne (both in and out of catchment)


  • Activities that can start right away:
    • Destination Imagination sponsored by BC Government
    • Destination Imagination Manual with spontaneous challenges
    • Fundraising event – Family Night Challenge (team problem solving activities)
    • Curiosity Camps


  1. Vice Principal Weatherall

  • Updates
    • Discussed recent professional development – early literacy / literacy support / lunch and learn – aboriginal education and storytelling
    • Seeking volunteers for library support – parents to help keep the non-fiction books shelved
    • Cross-Country went well: 48 participants
    • Mentioned various activities: Basketball, Floor Hockey, Choir
    • Halloween Parade at 9am
    • Remembrance Day Assembly 11am
    • Seeking donations $1.00-$400.00 for new classroom supplies for new teacher, Ms. Phillips – list reviewed and parent present offered to supply a number of items / follow up and speak directly to teacher


  1. Treasurer’s Report

    – by Shera


  1. PAC Webpage 

with PAC Events – by Caroline

  • 60 parents signed up for PAC website information / mail outs to go home to increase numbers
  • All present expressed interest in being able to pay for events and PAC Lunch online, there are non-profit discounts for registered charities for PayPal (lowered fee per transaction)
  • Discussed importance of adding Van Horne school events to the Van Horne PAC Webpage


       5. Shop Funds

will be available soon; proceeds from sales can go towards purchases for STEAM program; motion at future PAC meeting when full executive present.


  1. Next PAC Meeting Date:

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 – Guest Speaker at next meeting: Catherine Evashuk – Continuing the Discussion of ABC’s of Sex Education


Meeting Adjourned 8:25pm

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