Arts Booster Drive


The PAC is raising $5,000 through a direct donation drive.


  • Credit Card: Pay online through our GoFundMe campaign (or visit
  • Etransfer: Send your donation to (If you would like a donation receipt, please provide your name and address in the etransfer notes section. Only donations over $25 qualify for a charitable donation tax receipt).


    After discussions with teachers and school administration, the PAC believes the funds being asked by the school will be put towards good use and will positively benefit the experience our children have. In normal times, the PAC’s regular fundraising channels (hot lunch, bake sales, carnivals, etc.) would usually cover requests like these; however, COVID has constrained our usual fundraising channels. Here’s some specific reasons why your donation will make a direct difference.

    • Arts Supply Room:The lion’s share ($3-4K) will be used to kick-start a communal arts supply room that serves all teachers and students. Instead of teachers keeping their own supplies, a shared arts supply is expected to spark more art projects as well as reduce the chances of limited supplies stalling a project (e.g. running out of red construction paper around Valentine’s Day).
    • PE equipment: In normal times, concession stand funds on sports day are used to replace sports equipment. Unfortunately, COVID has eliminated this funding source. Additionally, the school has been encouraging kids to be outside more for safety and that means sports equipment is being worn out faster than usual on the concrete/gravel. 
    • Tech: An Apple TV for the library will help support the librarian’s interactive activities and a portable projector for the gymnasium will be used for future assemblies.
    • Clownin’ around: If we hit our goal of $5K, Frankie will wear a rainbow clown wig, a red clown nose and a 4 house colour tutu for one whole week! Principal Leung has also agreed to wear a house colour tutu. 


    This direct donation drive starts on Feb. 1st and will end on Feb 28th.

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