Carnival & BBQ Information

Carnival & BBQ Information

Van Horne Elementary’s 2ND ANNUAL



  • When: Friday, June 21st, 3:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Where: In the back of the school
  • Why: To have fun, create community, dunk a Principal, celebrate the end of a good year and raise some money for next year’s projects.
  • Who: Anyone in the Van Horne community: Kids, Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, YMCA staff, Caregivers, Teachers, Staff, Administration, Volunteers, Alumni, involved neighbours or close connections.
  • Schedule:
      • 3pm to 6:30pm – Food & Game Sales
      • 3pm to 6:30pm – Prize table pick up with cards
      • 3pm to 6:45pm – Games / Activities
      • 3pm to 6pm – Face painting
      • 3:15pm to 5:30pm – Dunk tank
      • 5:30pm to 6pm – Raffle Draw & Announcements
      • 6pm – Dunk the Principal!
      • 6pm-630pm – Fire truck
      • 6:30pm to 7pm – Extra prize sale by donation
    • GYM
      • 3pm to 6:30pm – Stuffy Riders
      • 3pm to 7pm – Candy Shop
      • 3pm to 7pm – Art & Toddler Zone 
    • DUNK TANK (times are approximate & subject to change)
      • 3:15pm – Richard “Nobody will get me” Miller
      • 3:35pm – Paul “Now’s your chance” Milne
      • 3:55pm – Tom “Flowers need water” Flower
      • 4:15pm – Justyne “Y did I agree to this?” Leoncho
      • 4:35pm – Predrag “Canadians are crazy; I fit right in” Blagojevic
      • 4:55pm – Erica “Reigning Dunk Champ” Saunders
      • 5:15pm – Gregg “El Prez” Sayer
      • 5:35pm – BREAK FOR RAFFLE/ANNOUNCEMENTS (or willing kids)
      • 6:00pm – Principal “High Value Target” Leung
      • 6:20pm – Willing kids, time permitting


  • Bouncy Castle (free)
  • Face Painting (free)
  • Art Zone (free)
  • Toddler Zone (free)
  • Guess how many jellybeans (free)****
  • Photo Booth (free) ***
  • Stuffy Riders (picture a stuffed animal on a mini ATV)
  • 14 games* (Can Smash, Duck Hunt, Game Play, Potty Toss, Ring Ross, Rope the Bull, Shockwave, Skee Ball, Stand a Bottle, Strick 3, Tic Tac Toe, Troll Dentist, Tug of War Rope, Duck Pond)
  • Dunk Tank
    • Grab this opportunity to dunk teachers Richard Miller, Paul Milne & Erica Saunders; Justyne Leoncho from the YMCA, parents Tom Flower, Predrag Blagojevic & Gregg “El Prez” Sayer and the Big Kahuna himself, Principal Leung
  • Fire Truck (VFD)
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • Raffle

* These games require a Game Card ($5)
**  Willing kids WITH PARENT PERMISSION can get dunked.
*** Please practice digital content (We ask that only parents take photos and only of their children, with digital consent, unless the other child’s parent/guardian grants permission).
**** Free to enter, located at the PRIZES table, ‘closest value below’ wins. Winner will be announced on Monday, June 24th. Winner takes all the jellybeans!


  • Candy Shop
  • Slushie Machine


Please note that your child can use their game card(s) to collect their prize at anytime at the PRIZES table. They can then continue to use their game card to play games.

  • 1 game card = small prize
  • 2 game cards = medium prize
  • 3 game cards = large prize


Bring cash if you’d like to participate in our amazing raffle! 1 ticket = $2; 3 tickets = $5 and 7 tickets = $10. Up for grabs is:

  • COBS Free Bread For A Year (250 value)
  • 4 admission tickets for Big Splash Water Park (and 2 t-shirts) ($150 value)
  • 2 Whitecaps tickets ($125 value)
  • 2 BC Lions tickets ($50 value)
  • Yum Sweet Shop ($25 value)
  • Real Canadian Superstore ($50 value)
  • Mink Chocolate: $50 gift cards
  • Pure Nail Bar $20 gift certificate 

A huge Wildcats thank you to the above local businesses who generously donated prizing. 


  • If you advanced ordered your food, drink and game cards, you can pick them up at the TICKETS table using whatever name you used when ordering.
  • We have ordered extra food, so if you didn’t advance order, you will have the opportunity to purchase at the TICKETS table (while supplies last)
  • Some things are cash only (Raffle, Slushie Machine, Candy Shop, etc) and there’s no ATM nearby, so remember to pack some cash.



  • Bring extra cash for extra fun!
    • Bring extra cash for extra fun like stuffy riders ($3 per ride), dunk tank ($5 for 3 throws), raffle, slushies, candy shop.
    • Free activities include face painting, photo booth and bouncy castle.
    • All proceeds go into PAC coffers to help us create the conditions for our children to flourish in.

Every family and child deserves to have fun at Carnival. If the cost of food or games is a burden for your family, please reach out to Hilary Statton ( or talk to Principal Leung.

  • Pick up your advance order tickets at the event (TICKETS table).
  • Food and games tickets will be available at the event, though we can’t guarantee food availability.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.


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