What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app for teams. It brings all of an organization’s communication and files in one place, where they’re instantly searchable and available wherever you go. For busy parents like us, it REDUCES EMAIL CLUTTER and helps you sync up with others when you’re not in the same place or working at the same time.

How do we use Slack at Van Horne?

We use Slack to easily communicate and collaborate to bring PAC programs, projects and events to life. Unlike the PAC’s email list, Facebook / Twitter or WhatsApp Network, our Slack channel is specifically intended for those parents who are willing, interested and able to be more actively involved.

Can anyone join Slack?

Yes, if you are a parent or guardian with a child who is currently attending Van Horne, then your request to be added to Slack is guaranteed. However, if your goal is to simply stay informed, then we recommend you sign up for email, follow us on Facebook / Twitter, join the WhatsApp Network or check our website. Slack is intended more for those who are interested in actively discussing, collaborating and contributing.

If you are unfamiliar with Slack here is a quick intro to what it’s all about and some ground rules.

Got it. Count me in. How can I join Slack?

Fill in the sign up form below (division and child name help us verify that you are part of our community). If you have questions, email


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