End of year message

End of year message

From the PAC President

Dear fellow parent/guardian:

Allow me to share some reflections on this past school year.

Resilience 💪🏽

Through all the bleak headlines and collective and personal struggles, I take comfort in the positives. In our own community, I’ve witnessed adaptability, resilience, cooperation and generosity. The kids got through it. Our teachers adapted. The PAC kept ticking. Parents and guardians persevered through it all and kept kids safe, happy, healthy, engaged, educated and active (though, admittedly, not all those things all the time). Put that on your parenting trophy shelf! 🏆

Together We Flourish 💗

Last school year, a fire at the school lightly tested our community’s resilience as we temporarily shifted to South Hill. This pandemic is definitely testing our resilience, but I’m proud of how we’re handling it. Next year will likely have its own set of challenges and I know that we’ll tackle them as communities do: Together ☮️.

Rooting Out Racism ✌🏼✌🏻✌🏿

The recent protests about systemic racism have definitely sparked slightly uncomfortable, but important, conversations in my own family. Prejudices and implicit bias, unfortunately, often take root in the family home. To me, this underscores the critical role parents play in raising good humans that understand their place of privilege – should they possess it – and don’t propagate racist views nor stay silent in the presence of racist words, actions or structures. This hasn’t always been the Canada of the past; but I hope it is the Canada of the future. Here’s a great video that we watched with our own kids that sparked a discussion and lots of questions

Goodbye Grade 7s! 👋

Speaking of good humans, a whole crop of them – 55 to be precise – are leaving Van Horne to start their secondary education. The pandemic has diminished what should have been a year of social celebrations and ceremony; but it did not diminish their achievement. (Shhhhh… the PAC has arranged a little farewell gift for them….). I wish them all the best and hope to see them at future Van Horne Carnivals; they will always be welcome! I also want to thank their parents/guardians, if this marks the end of your Van Horne experience, for your participation and contribution to our community. You will be missed and I hope to see YOU at future Carnivals. You can find me at the dunk tank.

New Community Habit 🌱

If you’re so inclined, I invite you to start putting aside refundable containers as part of our new community habit: Return-It fundraiser . The PAC will even provide you with a free Starter Kit with clear blue recycling bags and other goodies. Request one at

Last year of El Prez 🍹

On a personal note, I do want it known that next school year is my 4th year and last year as Chair/President of the Van Horne PAC. To whoever picks up the mantle, please know that I am committed to sticking around in the Past President role to help that person get up to speed. Perhaps that person is you? 🤔 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have a great summer break, everyone!

Yours in community,

Gregg Sayer
President / Chair
Van Horne PAC
Join the community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanhornepac/

P. S. Please take a moment to dig up any school books and return them to the school (this will save school and PAC budget).
P. P. S. In case you missed it, we summarized the school’s initial rules for re-opening: https://www.vanhornepac.com/summary-school-re-opening/
P. P. P. S. Minutes from May’s PAC meeting will be posted shortly at https://www.vanhornepac.com/minutes/

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