Grade 7 Grad Fundraiser

The Grade 7 Farewell Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 26th 2019. This is a big step for our kids, moving on from elementary school to high school. The children are excited and all participated in coming up with an idea for their celebration that had them involved in the planning with an eye on environmental responsibility. The theme that was chosen was “Clear Blue Skies”.

The Parent Steering Committee is committed to uphold the kids’ vision and we have worked for months alongside the kids fundraising with the Friday Grad Hot lunches. Even though we persevered through the fire, we would like to ask for the set amount of $25 per child towards the cost of the Farewell Ceremony.

This will ensure that the kids vision will be honored and costs will be covered. ( Snacks, dinner, decorations, photo booth rental, Grad Gift to the students and our wonderful tradition of the year end Grad Legacy gift to the school!) If you have any concerns about paying the $25, please contact the school principal.

This is going to be a great night for the Class of 2019! Thank you for your support!

Your Volunteer Parent Steering Committee,
Anna Chong, Roy Park, Suzanne O’Flynn, Kelly Novak, and Susan Kritikos

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