Learning @ Home

Learning @ Home


  • Child care:
    • Child care spots for essential service workers in Vancouver will be allocated by Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre (WCCRC) as detailed in this news release: From the WCCRC: “For all the parents, essentials and non essentials, to register at a Temporary emergency child care they need to provide the child care facility with an ID number, which parents can receive through an online form.
    • If the WCCRC determines you are eligible as a “Tier 1” essential services worker, you may be referred back to the VSB, who will ask you to fill out this registration form.


  • “You’ll be ok”: Educational experts are advising parents to ensure that your relationship with your child and their emotional needs (to feel safe, engaged, active) take precedence over ‘academic progress’.
  • Get connected and help others get connected: If you or another family you know isn’t on the school’s email list, please contact mcianelli (at) vsb.bc.ca immediately
  • Check in on one another:  Consider a check-in phone or video call to a fellow parent/guardian in your division and ask them “How are you feeling during all of this?”


General Learning

Physical Activity






Reading & Writing





* This is not approved BC curriculum. It is content created by individual parents in our community; please use at your own discretion. 

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