How to access “Bookflix”

How to access “Bookflix”
  1. Go to the Van Horne Elementary website.
  2. Under the “Teaching and Learning” tab, click on “Learning Commons / Library”
  3. Click on “VSB Library” (left side)
  4. Log in – Top right corner
  5. In order to log in for the “user name”, you will need your child’s student or pupil number (ask the school office if you don’t know this number).  This is a 7 digit number.  The password is “student”.  Your child’s PEN number will not work to sign in.  The PEN number (Provincial Educational Number) is 9 digits long and is different than the student / pupil number.
  6. Once you have signed in, BookFLIX is the first one on the page.  Happy reading and enjoy!

What is Bookflix? 

Bookflix is an online database of children’s books provided by Schlastic in partnership with the VSB.

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