Contest: Create our new community motto!

Contest: Create our new community motto!

Prizes valued at $400!


Get inspired by our exercise in community values and then brainstorm a nice motto that the Van Horne PAC will use on our PAC newsletter, website and social media to project what our community is all about.


  • Grand Prize (valued at $300)
    • Family Merch Bundle: ($150 in new Wildcats merchandise).
    • $100 GAP gift certificate
    • $25 Earls gift certificate
    • Lunch with Gregg The Pres and Stephen the Principal
  • Consolation Prizes (3 names to be selected):
    1. Starbucks gift bundle
    2. Limited edition Wildcats hat
    3. Free Bread For a Year (COBS on Main)*

Note: If you’d like to donate to this prize pool, please email chair (at) vanhornepac (dot) com.

Criteria & Suggestions

  • Keep it short (between 2 and 10 words)!
  • Keep it aspirational, emotional and impactful!
  • Get inspired by our community’s top values (Making a difference, Cooperation, Transparency and Inclusion) and learn more about Hilary’s values & behaviours exercise. Note: you don’t have to use the core value words in your submission, nor are you prohibited from using them.

The Rules:

  • Eligibility: This contest is open to any parent or guardian within the current Van Horne community as of February 2019. Members of the PAC Executive are ineligible.
  • Deadline: To qualify, you must submit your answers by Easter Monday (April 22nd) at midnight.
  • How to win: All qualifying submissions will be reviewed by the PAC executive in consultation with Principal Leung. After April 22nd, a winning motto will be selected and will be announced at the Cultural Food Fair on May 1st. There is no limit to how many submissions a parent/guardian can make.
  • Consent: By submitting your idea, you are consenting for the PAC to use your motto, should your idea be selected.
  • Questions?: Email chair (at) vanhornepac (dot) com

(Deadline: April 22nd)

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