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Hey you, simply awesome individual! Thanks for wanting to contribute back to the community!

Volunteering is on hold until the school opens up again to events and activities that parents can contribute to.


We are currently looking for help with the following events and roles. We promise not to bite*. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for questions/details: volunteer@vanhornepac.com:


Hot Lunch Signup

Sign up to help with Hot Lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays.Our healthy, hot lunch program is run entirely by parent volunteers. If parents could sign up for one shift (11:20am – 12:30pm) per school term, we’d be able to easily spread out the workload and provide important support to our kids, teachers and the entire school!

Usborne Book Fair 2020

Sign up to help with the Usborne Book Fair 2020! 09th – 12th March 2020.

Appointed Exec Roles

The follow roles are perfect for those who want to step up their regular contribution, but keep it light on time and responsibilities. Each person who takes on one of the following roles will get partnered with an Executive member for guidance, support and empowerment. More details about PAC roles can be found in the PAC handbook. Reach out to chair (at) vanhornepac (dot) com if you’re interested!

Event Managers

Partner with an Exec veteran and take on a PAC event using an established playbook Nothing else builds community bonds so effectively!

  • Movie Nights – TBD
  • Pancake Breakfast – Perfect for early birds and pancake lovers!
  • Cultural Food Fair – TBD
  • Carnival – TBD

Special Project Managers

Projects are still in planning stage, but here are some possibilities:

  • Book Fairs
  • Sister School
  • Bike to School
  • Recycling

Parent Liaison

Do you like to guide other parents who “don’t know the system”? We’re looking for a “Parent Advocate” whose role it is to support other parents and students with navigating the public education system through established policies, procedures and legislation.
DPAC is organizing “Parent Advocacy Training”, planned for June 2019 – date/time TBD. Contact chair (at) vanhorne (dot) com to express interest.

But I have questions…

I get that! Reach out to chair@vanhornepac.com and I’ll get you answers.

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