PAC 101

PAC stands for “Parent Advisory Council”, but it ‘could’ also stand for “Parent Action Committee”. 😀

Learn more about what a PAC is and check out the Van Horne PAC Handbook that details the roles, responsibilities and opportunities for those wishing to help organize. There’s room for everyone and plenty to do to help our community flourish.


Policy wonks or those looking for a cure from insomnia may enjoy reading our bylaws and constitution which dictate how we operate as a PAC.

Check out what’s happened at our PAC meetings to see if there’s something that matters to you and come attend an upcoming PAC meeting to learn more about how you could get more actively involved.


A great starting point for anyone with even an inkling of a desire to get more involved is to join our Slack channels, where we collaborate with each other to energize PAC initiatives. Request to join Slack!.

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