Paws Parent Lounge


The Paws parent lounge is for the benefit of EVERYONE in our community: parents, guardians, grandparents and care givers. You can use the space to chat to other parents over a coffee/tea, meet as a group, talk to a teacher, get some work done (there’s free wifi), take a phone call, browse the parent library or take care of a baby/toddler.


Paws Parent Lounge is located on that landing between the main floor and the top floor.


If locked, the key to the lounge is in the office. The lounge is accessible to parents every weekday EXCEPT Wednesdays when it is used by the school’s speech therapist. You can access the lounge between the hours of 8am and 4pm on the rest of the weekdays.


  • Please tidy up after yourselves
  • If you use the coffee machine, please rinse any dishes in the kitchen located beside the staff lounge (and be respectful of staff space).
  • Consider tossing your loose change in the tip jar to self-fund the purchase of milk / coffee / tea.
  • If you expect to be in the lounge for more than 30 minutes, please sign in at the office.

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