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Van Horne – Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 38 parents, Principal Morgan, Vice Principal Weatherall, Ms. Cassidy


  1. Guest Speaker: Falling in Love with Learning, Joan Storland
  2. Adopt May 2015 Meeting Minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. PAC Executive

Motion 1:

The PAC membership approves the May 26, 2015
Moved:  Kari        Seconded:   Susan              All in Favour   / Motion Carried

Motion 2:

The PAC Membership approves the 2014/2015 financial statements as presented.
Moved:  AJ         Seconded:      Kari            All in Favour   / Motion Carried

Motion 3:

The PAC Membership approves the revised 2015/16 PAC Budget as presented.
Moved:   AJ        Seconded:          Katie            All in Favour   / Motion Carried

Motion 4:

The PAC Membership approves the expenditure of $700, this would provide $350 for DIY Club purchase of snap circuits and Robotics Club $350 for purchase of necessary materials.

Motion 4 Amended: The PAC Membership approves the expenditure of $350 for DIY Club purchase of snap circuits.

Moved:    Nona        Seconded:      Christine        All in Favour   / Motion Carried

Motion 5:

The PAC Membership approves the appointment of Caroline Calvert, to the PAC Executive as Communications Coordinator for the 2015/2016 school year.
Moved:   Susan        Seconded:    Laura              All in Favour   / Motion Carried

Meeting start 7:05pm


Guest Speaker, Joan Storlund

Falling in Love with Learning – “Top 10” ways to help families create loving conditions for learning.

  1. Give your undivided attention to your child (phones away!) Stay curious, ask questions, try to cultivate a sense of wonder. This time creates attachment.
  2. Uncover your child’s gifts. Name what they are. Then nurture those gifts
  3. Start from where the child is. Every behavior is a communication.
  4. Believe in them unconditionally
  5. help them understand goals- and how to get them there with step by step
  6. Learning strengths- figuring out what their style is. Listening, copying, writing it out, singing it…
  7. Its the little things, daily.  We are in charge of their time, their rest, their choices
  8. Create community
  9. Listening, laughing, trying again
  10. Family learning- do you as a parent practice learning yourself? What do you love learning about? Are you an example to your child?

And a last thought… What kind of family do we want to be? Cultivate the spirit of what your family thinks is important.


School Report Principal Morgan:

Focus: Student Leadership 

  • building inner strength and boosting confidence.
  • Encouraged parents to seek opportunities at home to build strength from inside, independence and interest in learning.
  • Library Monitors – Grade 6’s and 7’s – being trained on how to shelve books, check books in and out.
  • Playground Leaders – Grade 5’s – getting training on leadership and helping younger kids.
  • Student Council – 2 Sponsor Teachers – 2 representatives from each class – Grades 4 to 7.

Focus: Class Review Meetings

  • Collaboration with teachers to discuss social, emotional, academic support needs of each child; 2 days of substitutes will be put into place so that teachers can review and discuss each child individually (45 minutes per child) and how they can be best supported in their learning.

Parent Volunteers Needed for Book Fair

New Shirts provided to X Country Team

  • Thank you for support to Abbie’s Sports Shop on Main Street for generous donation.

Ms. Cassidy (Grade 5)

  • Noted that students are naturally led to leadership opportunities and other children were struggling to find their comfort zone.
  • Activities that occur inside – Chess club over lunch hour.
  • DIY Club – 2 days/week – looking for funding from PAC for snap circuits set.

Treasurer’s Report

Provided by Shera Clement.

Draft 15/16 Budget

Provided by Shera Clement.

PAC Nomination – Communications Coordinator

  • Caroline Calvert being nominated and planning to develop and maintain a new Van Horne PAC website Coming Soon!

Next PAC Meeting Date: Tuesday, October

  • Speaker Planned for all upcoming PACs (exception December and May)

Meeting Adjourned 8:40pm

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