Summary of January’s DPAC meeting

Summary of January’s DPAC meeting

Vancouver DPAC is the local umbrella org that connects local PACs. They host monthly meetings in which a Van Horne PAC rep typically attends. It’s a great way to access information on issues that affect all PACs (e.g. lead in water, Area Standards, etc) and it’s also a political tool that lets our PAC add our voice to other PACs (the VSB listens to what the DPAC says on various issues). DPAC meetings are open and may be attended by any parent or guardian with a student in the VSB.

We are fortunate to have the time, commitment and brain power of fellow parent Krzysztof Muniak who reps us at DPAC meetings. Below is his report on the DPAC Jan. 24th meeting and you can also read a recent message from Shaun Kalley, the current DPAC Chair.

DPAC Meeting Summary – January 24, 2019 General Meeting

Discussion, update on DPAC activities and themes from the meeting were:

  • DPAC is working with VSB staff to improve VSB’s consulting processes after recent frustrations with the rollout of seismic improvement related decisions (e.g. Eric Hamber Replacement and swing site selection) & the announcement that the French immersion program at Henry Hudson Elementary is to be relocated. ‘Swing Sites’ are schools where students displaced by seismic upgrades will attend class during construction at their home school.
  • A donation to the PAC-to-PAC Program established last year has been received and the recipient school will by chosen by VSB staff. The PAC-to-PAC program allows PACs that have surplus funding to donate it to other PACs in need.
  • DPAC provided answers to questions raised formally during the last General Meeting after contacting VSB staff. Questions and answers can be found here,
  • The guest presentation this month was on Cannabis Legalization in Schools.Resources can be found at Topics covered were: an overview of current federal and provincial legislation – what’s legal; what isn’t; an overview of what vaping is, how it works, and applicable laws; what parents can do. Central theme was that what works best in drug prevention is developing protective factors around youth, specifically that they feel they have: meaningful lives, meaning in their lives, a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging/community.

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