Sept. 16, 2020

Our kids are learning how to physically distance; let’s be good role models!

At drop-off…
·       Leave as soon as your child has entered school grounds.
·       Avoid having long conversations with parents near the school; go for a walk and chat instead. 
·       Please don’t worry: There are plenty of school staff members with eyes on your children.

At pick-up…
·      Don’t hang out around entrance/exit points; designate a meeting spot instead.
·      Pick up in the exact location where your drop off your child in the morning.

We want our kids to feel safe and stay healthy. It’s our collective responsibility to show them how to do it.

Sept. 14, 2020


Model good hygiene

  • Remind kids to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival each day.
  • Demonstrate good respiratory etiquette (i.e. sneezing into a sleeve). 

Bring in/use personal materials

  • Students must bring their lunches and snacks to school in the morning. 
  • A filled water bottle is essential; water fountains will not be in use

Dress your children appropriately

  • All students will go outside at recess and lunch regardless of weather, so please send your child to school wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Pack an extra complete set of dry clothes in case.

Keep kids(s) home if:

  • They have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.
  • They have any symptoms of COVID-19, even if those symptoms are minor.
  • They are a confirmed contact of a person confirmed to have COVID-19.

Hand in the daily self-assessment checklist:

  • Parents/guardians will be required to submit a self-assessment checklist to the school confirming they understand how to check their children daily for signs of COVID-19.
  • The checklist is due Monday, September 14th.


Non-medical masks

  • Wearing a mask is a personal choice for students in kindergarten to Grade 5. 
  • Students in grades 6/7 will be required to wear a mask when physical distancing is impossible. 
  • Each child will be provided with two masks; no replacements are available.

Learning groups (cohorts)

  • A “cohort” is a group of 60 students and staff who interact with each other.
  • Students can socialize with peers in different cohorts if they are outdoors and can minimize physical contact or if they are indoors and can maintain physical distance. 

Recess/lunch breaks 

  • All students will go outside at recess and lunch while the custodial staff cleans indoors.
  • Students will be separated into two groups to reduce traffic outside during playtime. 
  • Students will eat their lunch and snacks in their classrooms.


  • Say goodbye to your child(ren) at the fence; parents are not allowed on school grounds.
  • At 8:50am students may join their classmates in their lineup with their teacher; children should not be unattended on school grounds after 3:10pm. 
  • Students will not be permitted early entry into the building, or to stay in the building awaiting pickup — despite the weather. 

Late arrivals

  • It is essential to be on time each day. 
  • If your child is late, please call the office at (604)713-4965 when arriving.
  • Someone will open the front door to allow your child entry into the school.


  • Gradual entry begins on Monday, September 14. 
  • The first full day of instruction for kindergarten students is Monday, September 21.


The VSB Fact Sheet offers information about what specifically the school will be doing to ensure health and safety. 

Up-to-the-minute information will be posted on the COVID-19 Updates page on the VSB website

See below for the full communication from the school.


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