Two perspectives on the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

Two perspectives on the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

Two parties can disagree on certain issues and still be committed to a greater goal (in this case, the care for and development of our children).

Currently, the BC Teachers’ Federation on one side and the VSB and Ministry on the other disagree on the “FSA”, a set of reading, writing, and numeracy assessments administered to BC students every year in Grades 4 and 7. They are the first two of four provincial assessments: Grade 4 FSA, Grade 7 FSA, and the graduation assessments in Literacy and Numeracy.

The BCTF Position

Here is the position of the BC Teachers’ Federation and their withdraw form they provide to parents who agree with withdrawing their child (more languages available at BCTF website).

The VSB / Ministry’s Position

Here is a letter from Suzanne Hoffman, Superintendent, VSB, a list of FAQs by the VSB, and a brochure for parents from the Ministry of Education.

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