Year End Message


This year, as a community, we took in stride a small fire that precipitated a move to South Hill Swing Site. We welcomed a bright new crop of kindergarteners. We welcomed newcomers to our school; some of who were new to our country. We came together for movie nights, heritage fairs, a cultural food fair, a pancake breakfast, a sports day, a winter concert and more. We appreciated the school staff via the medium of coffee and yummy treats and they reciprocated in kind. And just two days ago, we recognized the achievement of the Van Horne Elementary grad class of 2019 and wished them luck in their next chapter.

We got a new Wildcats logo inspired by indigenous culture. We collectively chose four core values that mattered to us as parents: making a difference, cooperation, transparency and inclusion. And we also chose a new PAC motto to project our purpose as an organization: “Together we flourish“.


A heartfelt thank you to the teachers, staff and administration at Van Horne Elementary. They truly care about our kids and it shows in their dedication and their efforts. Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up to energize programs like hot lunch or who hustled to make various events a success (especially the bigger ones like Carnival and Cultural Food Fair!). You are too numerous to name, but you know who you are! I also want to thank everyone who chipped in to help a teacher in the classroom or be a driver on a field trip. And finally a sincere thank you to everyone who simply stays connected to PAC communications; like this website. That simple act helps fuel our effectiveness as a PAC when it comes to making decisions, raising money or gathering your feedback.


A warm farewell to my very organized and effective Vice Chair, Sarina Corsi, whosedaughter (a leader in her own right) graduated this year. Sarina’s dedication to the school community is boundless and inspiring. I will miss her leadership and warmth (and most definitely her operational prowess).


A week ago, the weather cooperated, the dunk tank was rocking and the community came out for a day of fun, games, laughter, prizes and slushies. We raised approximately $3K for PAC coffers in our efforts to create conditions in which our little ones can flourish. What did you think worked? Didn’t work? Share your thoughts in this Carnival feedback survey and we’ll use it to fine tune next year’s Carnival.
President / Chair – Gregg Sayer
Vice Chair – VACANT
Secretary* – VACANT-ISH
Treasurer – Jinder Aujla
Fundraising Coordinator – Lindsay Patterson
Volunteer Coordinator – Camila Peixe
Inclusivity Coordinator – Hillary Statton
Parent Ed Coordinator** – VACANT
DPAC Rep – Krzysztof Muniac

* An individual has expressed interest in this role. And while we’re on the topic, I want to acknowledge the years of effort and superb performance of our outgoing secretary, Krista Wilson.
** An individual has expressed interest in this role.

For a brief description of the responsibilities and time commitment involved in each role, see Section VI of the PAC Handbook. If you have questions about any of the roles, please reach out to

Check out the minutes from our May 16th PAC meeting and here are the latest financials.
Here are a few key points:G
uest Speaker: Gillian Gerome, who teaches Love in the Time of the Internet at UBC , shared valuable insights and learnings with PAC meeting attendees about how to help our children navigate life online. 
Principal’s Report: Mr. Leung presented the School Growth Plan, which is a ministry-directed task to define the school’s focus. Mr. Leung is asking teachers, parents and students what is important to them. For next year, there is also a plan for teachers to lead workshop courses so students have the chance to take a course in an area of particular interest to them. Workshops are expected to occur during regular school hours.
Executive/Committee Reports: New PAC motto was announcedTogether We Flourish. This was developed from a combination of submissions. Martha F. and Scott M shared the grand prize. Four themes for the future were discussed: resiliency, creativity, activity and compassion. Year end kudos: a huge thank you to all the parents who support the events and activities of the PAC and the Van Horne community. Succession planning: Gregg has served two years as PAC Chair and will be available 1-2 more years. Future leaders can start to think about taking on this role in 2020/21.
Finance Report: Next year’s budget is available for review online and the preliminary 2019/2020 budget was approved. 
DPAC Report: School Fees are increasing by $10 (excluding agenda) as of Sept. 2019.
PAC Executive Elections:
Chair – Gregg Sayer 
was nominated and accepted the nomination.
Vice Chair – No nominations were brought forward. The position is vacant.
Secretary – No nominations were brought forward. The position is vacant.
Treasurer – Jinder Aujla was nominated and accepted the nomination.
Fundraising Coordinator – Lindsay Patterson was nominated and accepted the nomination.
Volunteer Coordinator – Camila Peixe was nominated and accepted the nomination.
Fundraising Coordinator – No nominations were brought forward. The position is vacant.
Inclusivity Coordinator – Hillary Statton was nominated and accepted the nomination.
Parent Education Coordinator – No nominations were brought forward. The position is vacant.
DPAC Representative – Krzysztof Muniac was nominated and accepted the nomination.Next meeting: September 2019. Date to be confirmed.

Over the summer break, here are two easy ways to effortlessly add dollars to the PAC coffers:

Please mention Van Horne Elementary at COBS on Main Street
Surf to before completing an Amazon purchase.

Yours in community and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!

Gregg Sayer
PAC President / Chair

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