House Colour Mask Fundraiser

House Colour Mask Fundraiser

Stay safe and raise funds for the school!

What better way to show your house colour pride AND keeping you and your kids safe then to wear a face mask in your house colour! The PAC will earn $5 for every mask sold and magically turn these funds into books, computers, greenery and community.

Van Horne PAC is pleased to partner up with Paddle Vancouver, a local business that has generously supported our Bike-To-School Week event, in designing and making these masks specifically for our school.


  1. Go to the ordering site.
  2. Choose a solid colour or a design unique to your house.
  3. Choose either 2-layer or 3-layers.
  4. Pick a size and quantity.
  5. Place an order!


  • Kids*: recommended for kids up to possibly grade 4.
  • Adult S/M: for adults and recommended for kids grade 5 and up.
  • Adult L/XL: for adults.
    *Sizing for kids is a recommendation as it all depends on your child’s stature. Some kids in grade 4 can wear an adult S/M and some kids in 5th grade can wear a Kid size.


Deadline to participate in group order: Sunday, February 14th.


So stay safe and support our school by buying a mask…or 2…or 4!

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